Important: The status of the COVID-19 crisis constantly changes. The information in this resource is updated frequently.

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With the sudden crisis brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, federal, state and local governments have implemented a host of emergency actions intended to address health and economic concerns. Employers, employees, insurers, third-party administrators, attorneys and even the judiciary are all scrambling to understand and cope with the new terrain. Legal –– and potentially legal –– issues abound.

This guide is the result of the work of a team of attorneys at Michael Sullivan & Associates. Its purpose is to provide ongoing guidance to our clients, and to California industry in general, on how to navigate issues and challenges in this rapidly changing world. If we succeed, we also serve those who work for California employers.

`'Docendo discimus –– A Latin proverb meaning "by teaching, we learn."

Quick response to changing circumstances is something we are familiar with. As attorneys, we understand a new body of law by deeply thinking it through, then articulating its demands and impact by writing about them. Also, we frequently make presentations –– in person and, these days, via webinars and Zoom meetings. Over the years, we have written numerous reports, and distributed them widely. The process elevates our understanding every time. And we greatly value the feedback and questions we get in response.

We have never seen a legal environment with such rapid, radical change. This guide is the first we have published solely in electronic form. It's dynamic. It accommodates –– and invites –– continuous change and updates as new information becomes available. So readers are cautioned that the guide won’t necessarily present the same information or guidance from one day to the next. But it will always reflect our best current assessment of the state of our world.

Michael W. Sullivan
General Managing Partner
Michael Sullivan & Associates LLP

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