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A Word About Sullivan on Comp

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This guide is a production of Michael Sullivan & Associates. We are one of the largest defense firms in California, with nine offices throughout the state, representing employers, insurance carriers and third-party administrators in matters of civil, workers' compensation, and employment law. The narrative here is comprehensive –– we are advocates, but we see and communicate all points of law. This is a complete discussion whose intent is to answer all questions posed from any interest. But, as defense lawyers, we advise California employers what they should do to protect their businesses and the people working for them.

"Sullivan on Comp" is a comprehensive, 16-volume treatise that plumbs the depths of all aspects of California workers' compensation law. The legal reference manual is used by thousands of judges, lawyers, claims adjusters and others who work within the workers' compensation system. It hosts a website with regularly updated text and scores of web-based educational materials and tools. It's the definitive reference tool for California workers' compensation practitioners. Written from an objective perspective, it contemplates all issues, and examines what opposing sides might argue in the gray areas.

Michael Sullivan, whose vision led to the creation of this guide, is the primary author of "Sullivan on Comp." He's also the general managing partner of Michael Sullivan & Associates who wears different hats for the different roles he plays. Defense attorney or objective legal author? The roles might be difficult to differentiate, but in a public forum, his perspective is always clear.

Despite the determination to include all perspectives and issues in this guide, the writers are wearing their defense hats.

Readers will find references and links to the objective analysis in "Sullivan on Comp" throughout the text. Although this guide covers issues and laws pertaining only to the COVID-19 crisis, "Sullivan on Comp" content affords greater depth about any legal considerations a reader wants to explore.

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